Friday, June 24, 2011

Pop it, Lock it, Poka Dot it!

Bakerella ella ella a a a. amen.

I am currently obsessed with these super amazing treats.  Please take some time, or all day to peruse her site!

Side note: My space bar is acting super weird.

Main note: Bakerella has a wonderful Cake Pop book with step by step directions and pictures to boot!

Here is my finished product and first attempt at making the cake balls.

I wanted to start out small and move on up to making the cooler cake pops.
This was a lot of fun and actually relaxing!  
Unfortunately my candy coating of choice was off-brand and coated very thinly. 
For dark cake mix I would def use a dark candy coating as well!!

Also, they are so little you do not realize how many you have consumed so be-careful!
 My next attempt is going to be the flower pops..YIKES ;) I'll keep you all posted!

My lip gloss be poppin'


Lena said...

what does poka dot it mean???

cpainton said...

It is spelled wrong....oppsies. ;D