Monday, July 18, 2011

Fair Time!

Last Friday I worked a both at our county fair.  It was the Right to Life booth.  

Now I have helped my friend Val work the both for the past couple of years, this year something was different, something was very different. 


The fair had so many dairy and beef cows this year that they took over the tented area to the north of our commercial could see and SMELL cows from where we sat.  So of course the smell of country has made me want a pair of cowboy boots...I have researched and found a pair!  Let me know if you want to buy them for me :)  

After our booth time was up, we wondered the fair...hope you enjoy the following pictures :)
I also watched Cassie do barrels, made me want cowboy boots even more!!

Blessings and Boots,


Lena said...

First off, you need to make your awesome pics BIGGER!!!
Second, I want those boots. If you find someone to buy them for ya, say you need 2 pairs.
Third, was it our fair? In Warsaw?

cpainton said...

First, I cannot figure out how to make the pictures bigger, if I click large the pics look grainy.. :(
Give my wisdom on blogging and pictures oh wise one...PLEASE!!!
Second, what shoe size?
Third, it was the Marshall County fair!!